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राष्ट्रीय औषधीय शिक्षा एवं अनुसंधान संस्थान (नाईपर), एस.ए.एस. नगर

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) S.A.S. Nagar

Sector 67, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali)-160062, Punjab (India). Phone: +91-172-2214682-87, Fax:+91-172-2214692


 CRIPS  & Books


 CRIPS (Current Research & Information on Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Current Research & Information on Pharmaceutical Sciences (CRIPS), a quarterly publication of NIPER aims to provide the latest pharmaceutical updates in current R&D technologies, regulations and education to the industry R&D scientists as well as to the pharmacy colleges so as to meet the global challenges of 21st centuries.

Vol. 15, No. 4,
October-December 20


Director, NIPER

Prof. Prasad V. Bharatam

Dr. Anand Sharma
Dr. Inder Pal Singh
Dr. M. Elizabeth Sobhia
Dr. Gopabandhu Jena
Dr. Sanyog Jain
Dr. Sushma Singh
Dr. Joydev Laha

National Institute of Pharmaceutical 
Education and Research (NIPER) 
Sector 67, S.A.S. Nagar (Punjab)  - 160062, INDIA 
Tel.: 0172-2214682-87,  Fax : 0172-2214692
E-mail: crips@niper.ac.in

Business Correspondance
Enquiries concerning advertisements should be addressed to the Editorial Office, CRIPS. 
Published by :  National Institute of  Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), S.A.S. Nagar (Punjab) 



Ethnomedicinal databases aim to provide an insight into the traditional herbal practices of the ethnic tribes and locals of North Eastern Region (containing seven sister states and Sikkim) and Greater Bihar regions (which includes present day Bihar, Jharkhand and part of Northern Odisha states) of India. The databases contains pictorial and usage description of medicinal plants besides the manuscript from ancient knowledge base namely 'Kaligyan' written on Tad Patra from Greater Bihar region.

You can obtain the Print Editions by sending a D.D. of Rs.1600/- for "Chemical Profiles of Ayurvedic Medicines" Volume-1, Rs.1100/- for "Herbal Wealth of 'Greater Bihar', Rs.1000/- for "A Pictorial & Herbaria Guide", and Rs.500/- for "Database and Appraisal Book" (inclusive of postal and handling charges) in favour of Director, NIPER payable at Mohali/Chandigarh from Library NIPER S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali).




A. Documentary on NIPER, SAS Nagar

B. The audio-visual documentaries on the regions provide a glimpse of life and traditions of people in the North Eastern and Greater Bihar Regions of India.




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