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The Medicine Information Centre (MIC) at NIPER has been established in April 2003. It has started functioning with start up grant under the aegis of "Higher Education Link Scheme" supported by DFID and managed by the British Council. The centre is run and managed by the department of Pharmacy Practice of the institute. The masterís program in Pharmacy Practice was started at NIPER in 2002 in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy, University of London, UK. more about the department>>>

The Medicine Information Centre's mission is to provide a central and unbiased source of current information and specific responses about medicines and medicine-based therapy to the healthcare providers and community regarding the related issues.

The objectves of MIC are objectives:

To provide an organized database of specialized information on medicines and therapeutics to meet the drug information needs of practitioners;

To provide accurate and unbiased medicines information service to the pharmacists, physicians and other health care professionals in the hospital and community;

To educate pharmacy students to serve as effective providers of medicines information;

To promote patient care through rational use of medicines.

In its initial phase operation, MIC caters to queries from healthcare professionals and subsequently, queries from the community will also be entertained. Currently, the centre is open eight hours a day between 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Apart from handling queries received by the clinicians, the centre also provides training to the M. Pharm. (Pharmacy Practice) students in information retrieval and management.


The Medicine information centre has a personnel trained in Regional Medicine Information Centre, London. There are more than 36 reference books and 31 handbooks in Medicine Information Centre. Various database like Micromedex, Lexicompís Clinical Reference Library and Clinical Pharmacology.

Other Activities

Medicine Information Centre at NIPER plans to conduct regular training programme on Medicine Information. One workshop has already been conducted in Dec, 2004. This workshop brought together the personnel working in the Medicine Information Centre and / or planning to take Medicine Information as a career and have hands-oní experience in drug information. National symposium on Medicine Information was conducted in Aug, 2003. This was conducted by personnel working in UKMi, London.

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